360 TS

Motor Boat Heavy Duty
  • Оранжево-черный
  • Пятнистый зеленый
  • Серо-синий
  • Серый
  • PVC
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Hull length
357 cm
Hull beam
246 cm
Maximum load
620 kg
5 pers
All characteristics
Where to buy
Hull length
357 cm
Hull beam
246 cm
Maximum load
620 kg
5 pers
All characteristics

YUKONA 360 TS is a heavy duty inflatable fishing motor boat for 5 persons with a hard floor, a stationary transom and an inflatable keel

360 TS is a boat for lovers of great water and long trips. It has a good high-speed performance and seaworthiness. A wide cockpit is needed for those who appreciate inner space and take a lot of cargo on a hike. A tube diameter of 47 cm is a good choice for a large water. When constructing 360 TS, we have added convenience in floor’s assembly, protection elements of tubes and a 7-year warranty. A side fender guard can also be used to fix a canopy to it. 

YUKONA 360 TS is a great motor boat perfect for recreation, fishing and hunting. This boat is perfectly controlled when planing and maneuvering. It is a reliable and affordable watercraft for fishing and moving on water. Its main advantages are as follows:

  •        a high seating position of passengers;

  •        leechrope movable seats;

  •        a hard floor;

  •        an inflatable keel;

  •        a large cockpit;

  •        a durable PVC fabric 1100 g/m2.

Packed in 2 carrying bags: one for a boat and the other for a floor. The boat has a high seating position (due to a tube diameter 47 cm), a long and wide cockpit, an attractive basic package: an inbuilt stationary transom, 2 seats, a seat cushion and an underseat bag, leechrope movable seats, a lifeline, a side fender guard. Comfortable conditions and superior quality eliminate any discomfort, so that you can fully enjoy hunting or fishing.

The model can be equipped with either a sectional plywood flooring with a thickness of 12 mm or an aluminium flooring. The plywood flooring is made of waterproof plywood with a plastic non-slip coating, it has a side trim made of an aluminium profile for an enhanced protection of the edges of the plywood from moisture. Both plywood and aluminium floor package includes aluminium side joiners for easy assembly.

An inflatable keel and a hard floor provide extra stability, control and high-speed advantage. When constructing this model, we took into account the basic requirements of consumers: reliability, large size and low weight, ease of floor’s assembly and compatibility with a motor no more than 20 hp.

★ World wide warranty 7 YEARS for PVC materials and seams.

★ A seat cushion with an underseat bag: FREE.

The advantages of our boats
  • 7 Year Warranty
    on PVC Fabric and Seams
  • Seat Cushion &
    Underseat Bag: FREE
  • High Seating Position
    of Passengers
  • Movable Seat
  • Hard
  • Inflatable
  • Large
  • Durable PVC Fabric
    1100 g/m2
All characteristics
Hull length, cm
Hull beam, cm
Maximum load, kg
Persons, pers
Max engine power, HP
PVC density, g/m2
1 100
Number of buoyancy compartments
CE Certificate, yes/no
Cockpit length, cm
Cockpit beam, cm
Tube diameter, cm
Floor type
Standard kit
Inflatable boat
1 pc
Hard seat
2 pcs
Seat cushion
1 pc
Underseat bag
1 pc
Foot pump
1 pc
2 pcs
Packing bag
2 pc
Transom stationary inbuilt
1 pc
a hard sectional aluminium or 9 mm plywood floor with aluminium joiners pc
Repair kit
1 pc
Operational manual
1 pc
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