About product


All YUKONA products are made by highly qualified specialists from the best materials of foreign and Russian manufacturers. We do not compromise on quality and thus provide an optimal balance of price. We debugged to detail all the stages of production from research, design and selection of materials and components to a rigorous multi-step finishing control at all stages of the boat’s creation.We strictly control all processes in the production of both budget and expensive models. Each finished YUKONA boat undergoes mandatory testing.

PVC Fabric

YUKONA uses high-quality and durable PVC fabric from leading manufacturers. The fabric is specially designed for use in shipbuilding, has 5 layers and reinforcement. Reinforcement implies a strong inner frame. This role is played by the so called cord or base in the form of a synthetic mesh of high strength. Both sides of the cord are covered with 5 layers of PVC bonded together with a special adhesive glue. Dense weaving of the cord provides the material with high strength and resistance to cuts and punctures. The material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, salt water, fuel and oil products. Surface density is one of the parameters of PVC fabric - weight of a square meter of material. Depending on the series and size of the boat and the purpose of its use, YUKONA boats use materials of different densities: 850 g/m2 on rowing models and 850-1100 g/m2 on motor models. At the same time, all the materials are very elastic and retain strength and appearance for many years.


For assembly of boats welding and gluing are used, which allows to achieve a high level of reliability of the connection of the elements responsible for the safety and buoyancy of the vessel. YUKONA boats have an extended manufacturer's warranty of 7 years for PVC fabric and seams.

Protection elements

The designers provided additional protection elements along the tubes and at their ends and on the bottom of the inflatable kilson to protect the boat against possible damage.


YUKONA motor boats have a fixed transom made of waterproof plywood. The transom is securely glued into the stern of the boat at an angle of 5-8 degrees, ensuring optimal immersion of the outboard motor shaft into the water. The outboard motor should be selected according to the total height of the transom board and the manufacturer’s specification. The transom has a significant safety margin exceeding the recommended max motor power.


The YUKONA boats use several flooring options depending on the model and size of the boat. The following types of flooring are used on the rowing models: PVC, a plywood slatted floor and a foldable plywood floor.

The motor boats can be equipped with either a sectional plywood flooring with a thickness of 9 or 12 mm (depending on the boat class) or an aluminium flooring. The plywood flooring is made of waterproof plywood with a plastic non-slip coating, it has a side trim made of an aluminium profile for an enhanced protection of the edges of the plywood from moisture. The floor package includes aluminium side joiners for easy assembling the flooring.

The aluminium sectional flooring is a construction of several sections that are reliably connected to each other by a male-female mount. Longitudinal side joiners give rigidity. The weight of the aluminium flooring is 10% less than the 12 mm thick plywood floor of the same size.

The inflatable bottom/floor is used in motor boats of the Air Tank series. The V-shaped bottom of the motor boat is glued into the hull of the inflatable boat and provides a necessary rigidity of the bottom and a minimal hydrodynamic resistance, a low weight, high speed characteristics and a quick start of planing.


The seats on YUKONA boats are made of waterproof plywood or aluminium. The GT series and motor boats use a movable seat system. This system allows you to install the seats in any position along the boat and change the usable space of the boat. It can be fixed depending on a person’s height and weight, install an additional equipment and conveniently place the load.


Air valve

An air valve is a complex structural element of the boat, safety depends on its reliability. All YUKONA valves have an air release system and a plastic cover that protects against contamination. The valves are easily accessible.


A wide rubbing band protects the boat’s tubes during mooring, serves as a splash board and can also be used to fix a canopy to it.


Folding oars consist of foldable aluminium shafts and sturdy plastic paddles. The oars are lightweight and comfortable for rowing and transportation. Aluminium parts are additionally painted with polymer powder paint to protect against corrosion. The YUKONA boats may have 2 types of the oars: 132 cm (52") and 163 cm (64"). The oar can be easily adjusted according to the height of a person.


An oarlock is made of sturdy plastic with a pivot shaft and a lock cover. The oarlock is made as a mooring cleat, it has grooves that can be used to attach additional equipment.

Life line

A safety synthetic rail has a diameter of 12 mm. It is mounted on the surface of the tube with the special knotless fixers.